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When searching for Work Orders it is very slow and/or see duplicate Work Order records related to the same Service Request.


Applicable to

This applies specifically to SRM 7.6.04 SP2 and possibly to SRM 7.6.04 SP4, SRM 8.0.00 and SRM 8.1.00 if upgraded from SRM 7.6.04 SP2.



With the release of SRM 7.6.04 SP2 a defect, SW00424159 (SW00451966), was introduced removing the indexes on the Work Order form.  This caused slow(er) searching and possibly duplicate Work Order records.


If you upgraded from SRM 7.6.04 SP2 to a later version and have duplicate Work Orders prior to upgrading the indexes will not be applied and the same cleanup effort is needed to be able to add them.


You can reference KA372812 for the hotfix and Work Order fix procedure document.