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Time is flying ...  just so much exciting stuff going on in the Remedy product organization.


In this third episode of the "Remedy ITSM 8.1 Video" blog series I want to present two videos which touch on the topic of user experience. In the first blog of this series I already talked about the new change calendar as the most visible user experience enhancement in version 8.1.00. But there are other valuable enhancements in this area in 8.1.00.


By the way, one objective we had in mind when developing these UI enhancement was to minimize the training effort. Taking the changes in the change calendar aside, which is very intuitive to use, I would claim that any IT user who knows the Remedy ITSM apps in version 7.6.04 or 8.0.00 can use the same applications in version 8.1.00 without any additional training. If at all, you may want to just call out the improvements (e.g. ability to add fields to console tables) in an internal memo, so that users are aware of them and can use them to become more efficient.


OK, without much further ado, here are the new videos:



Have fun watching these videos keep the feedback coming.