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With the release of version 8.0, documentation is available at the BMC online documentation portal. Gone are the days of jumping from PDF to PDF and cross-references pointing to entire guides. Now your documentation is consolidated in a space for the entire suite, and a space for each major component, such as BMC Remedy Action Request System, BMC Atrium Core, and BMC Service Request Management. The BMC Remedy IT Service Management 8.0 Suite documentation space includes suite-level information and common information (such as configuring foundation data). The component documentation spaces provide details specific to those components.

5 fun facts about our new online documentation

  1. Our documentation now includes videos. For an example, see this topic on configuring companies and organizations in ITSM.
  2. You can easily search for content. Use the search box on the left to search within the documentation space. From the results, you can change the filters to narrow or expand your results. For example, find only content updated in the last month. Expand your results to all your favorite documentation spaces. Hey, you could search for video - just search for the word "video."
  3. We have gathered together answers to frequently asked questions.
  4. We now provide end-to-end installation instructions and upgrade instructions for the entire suite. We've consolidated information such as requirements and Oracle settings. And we provide a spreadsheet that you can use for planning your installation.
  5. BMC Remedy OnDemand customers can skip the installation information, and instead focus on subscription services and  key concepts.

We want your feedback!

  Have a question about the documentation? Can't find what you're looking for? Think you found an error? Click the Add comment link at the bottom of any documentation topic and let us know. You'll get an email notification when a BMC Information Developer replies, and when the topic is updated. 

Miss PDFs?

Within each documentation space, you can find a ready-made PDF of the entire documentation space. Or you can export any set of topics to form your own custom PDF.

Sounds great, how do I access the documentation?

Follow the links (above or below) to the documentation. To login, use your Support userid and password. The first time you access the BMC online documentation portal, you must agree to the usage terms (same as on the Electronic Product Download). One caveat is that your browser locale must be set to en-us.

The new 8.0 online documentation is available from these links: