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Collaborate around Remedy ITSM applications (Incident & Problem, Change & Release, Asset, Knowledge, SRM, SLM) and Smart IT user experience for these applications.

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Recent Activity

Dhiraj Tavare
Hi Experts,   We are on BMC Remedy 18.05 version. In this version the escalation which is used for user sync "RSR:UserSync". But we are receiving an error "RPC call failed". So I decided to perform… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Kent Sjölund
Currently in Smart-IT version 18.08, the Product Category from a knowledge article is inherited to the incident when using Save & Resolve in Smart Recorder, which is superb! However, when the ticket…
Christoph Klapetke
Hi, I know this idea is a little bit more complex but I think it would be good to increase the number of possible applications in the Asset Management. similar to  Smart IT - Add custom fields as…
Ricardo Lamas
Just as it is possible to customize columns for the incident console, my customer would like to be able to do this for the asset console   Here is the documentation from 2.0 in Smart IT  …
Prasad Megalamani
In ITSM, We have Advanced search option where we can view all the fields configured in the system (incl. custom fields) and select the values through those custom/OOB fields and search tickets/CIs.…
Synopsys ITSM
We'd like to request to add CC capability in all tickets and resources used by MyIT and Smart IT, including the following The ability to CC additional customers and agents The ability to CC an…
Venkat Maddala
We do have this on mid-tier for agents to input time for effort tracking, would like to see the same/similar on Smart IT     This is real critical for any MSP to track individual effort times
Christoph Klapetke
Hi, it would be very useful if the format opportunities in Digital Workplace and Smart-IT will be enhanced. Similar to the Knowledge Management in SmartIT a toolbox is needed to format the text and…
Thomas Hammer
In a modern application, regardless whether mobile, client or browser based it is a standard feature to recognize a URL (or URI) as an active hyperlink. Copy and paste any http: or ftp: or file:…
Tamara Ehmoser
Hi guys!   We have configured Service Requests which need approvals. As long as this request is waiting for an approval, you have access to the name of the Approver in Smart IT: Once the…
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