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Collaborate around Remedy ITSM applications (Incident & Problem, Change & Release, Asset, Knowledge, SRM, SLM) and Smart IT user experience for these applications.

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Recent Activity

Kamala Iragavarapu
Hello,   Can someone please advise me on the below issue.   I have created a Smart Report grabbing information about Parent and Child Assets. I need to compare the 'Room' assigned for the Parent… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Martin Penev
Hello,   Currently, only error messages that are thrown during workflow processing are shown in Smart IT. I think it will be good if Note and Warning messages are shown as well because there are a…
Laura Jones
Would like the OOTB "Vendor Ticket Number" visible on the Ticket Console in Smart IT for work orders.  It currently populates for Incident but not for work orders.
T. D.
We have approvals set up for from SRs and they work perfectly. Once the SR is approved the Work Order is created - perfect.   Where can the support staff see WHO / WHEN approved the SR?   I see… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Kunal Pishe
Hi ,   Can someone put some light on how to display related Incident numbers and its details like summary, notes, status, work notes, resolution comment, Ops cat 1-2-3, etc.   To start with… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Matthias Werninghaus
It would be nice to Show the datepicker in Smart-IT with the correct first day of the week which is Monday in germany / europe? In MyIT / DWP it works fine. But in Smart-IT the first day is Sunday.…
Ankita Pankaj
Currently If we add text more than 2000 characters, in the activity tab, it is displayed as plain text without any formatting. Can we keep the formatting in such a way that it does not removes the…
Sourabh Jhunjhunwala
one thing which we are struggling from last few months or years is how we can push the generic queues to the ticket console of smart it rather than asking 100 of users to create a same queue.   1.…
T. D.
We are using Smart Reporting 9.1.   It seems whenever I create Smart Reports they run fairly quickly with no issues.   As an example I created a reported that listed 18,437 records that took 2… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
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