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Remedy ITSMin Products

Collaborate around Remedy ITSM applications (Incident & Problem, Change & Release, Asset, Knowledge, SRM, SLM) and Smart IT user experience for these applications.

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Recent Activity

Zachary Nusbaum
Currently, in Remedy Knowledge Management version 9.1.03, a user is unable to alter the Rows and Columns in an existing tables properties dialogue box. In order to modify the table properties, the…
Deepan Patel
Currently In the RTF Editor, users cannot align text and images vertically within the cell once a table is created . All text is justified in the middle of the cell. There is a workaround where a…
Marie Pfautsch
Hello Community,   It's not possible to modify an "Original" or "Duplicate"-incident to any other relationship type. And it's not possible to modify an related incident (whatever relationship type)…
Gregory Kiyoi
Upcoming Webinars Month Topic Additional December Remedy 9.1.04 Feature Release Update Details January 2018 Introduction to Business Workflows Details February 2018 Smart IT 2.0: Configurability and…
in Remedy ITSM
Gregory Kiyoi
Join Jon as he introduces Smart IT 2.0 during the February 2018 webinar.  Learn how this new release builds on Smart IT’s market-leading user experience by adding extensive power to tailor the UX,… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Gregory Kiyoi
In this recorded session Mark will cover the new "One Logging" feature in Remedy 9.1.04.   Starting with BMC Remedy AR System version 9.1.04, you can use the AR System Server Group Administration… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Sankar Ayinala Ayinala
Smart Utilities (Part 1)     Contents     Introduction. Extract the zip file and setup environment 1.     Server group ranking chart 2.     Live Server Group board information. 3.     Share…
in Remedy ITSM
William Peth
Service desk agents need a mechanisim to quickly copy an incident ticket to a new ticket to save time when much of the ticket content is the same.
Rajesh Rawat
Hello,   We have SLAs based on combination of VIP and Client Sensitivity field in the people form. We get requests from out client to add certain people as VIP in remedy. Client checks and validate…
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