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The challenge for customers implementing a capping strategy to reduce MLC cost, is to do so without impacting important production workload. Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise (iCap) has always excelled at providing intelligent capping based on workload importance and LPAR priority to ensure that the available MSUs are going to the most important work.  We are now excited to announce that we’ve added new functionality in version 3.0 with an SPE update released on September 26th.

This SPE provides new built-in automation that allows you to further reduce cost without additional risk to important workloads by adding a “Dynamic MSU Limit” capability. You can set an aggressively low MSU Limit at the beginning of the month but allow iCap to automatically increase the limit by small increments as necessary if high importance work on high priority LPARs starts to become at risk. The high and low boundaries are defined in the policy and completely controlled by you. At the beginning of the next billing cycle, iCap will automatically reset to the originally defined low MSU Limit so you can start again.

To see more information about this release, including how to download it please review the Technical Bulletin.

Learn how Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise can help you save MLC cost, along with other Mainframe Cost Optimization products.

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