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You may have seen Tide’s “Small but Powerful” laundry detergent commercials. Tide says there’s a lot of power concentrated in smaller football players like Darren Sproles and Cole Beasley, as well as their own products. BMC has found that, despite what people might think, the same holds true for companies that run smaller mainframe environments.


If you’re running a small to medium-sized mainframe environment (less than 200 MSUs at monthly peak), you’re still paying IBM a significant amount for your peak monthly mainframe usage in the form of Monthly License Charges (MLC) on software like DB2, IMS, CICS, MQ, and z/OS. Surprisingly, experience indicates that these small and medium-sized mainframe shops have a huge potential for savings.


For these rapidly growing businesses, there are hidden costs that can be removed. These companies actually pay more for the same mainframe usage than larger mainframe shops, which exploit the higher MSU pricing discounts for bulk usage. So, although your mainframe environment is smaller, you can still utilize mainframe cost optimization products to help you save just as much or more than larger mainframe shops--sometimes up to 20 percent or more off your current MLC bill.


Even if your company is trying to move away from the mainframe, this transition is probably not occurring overnight. In the meantime, the cost of your MLC software is rising each year, driving higher expense for your business. In fact, IBM is raising the price on several MLC products this coming January, by 4%. You’ll want to do something about that now.


BMC clients whose peak mainframe usage is as small as 7 MSUs are experiencing savings using BMC MLC Cost Management solutions. One company that runs a peak of 50 MSUs is going to save nearly $250,000 over the next year, and another has saved 5-7% in peak savings, saved 100% of their annual true-up expense, and has seen a 9% reduction in their total MLC costs in just the first six months.


BMC is committed to partnering with mainframe users of all sizes to make sure that they’re saving as much as possible on the mainframe. And businesses of all sizes need to optimize their mainframes to make sure they thrive in the digital age.


To learn more, see the BMC Mainframe Solutions for Mid-Market information page.