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The number one thing holding back any growing business is obtaining adequate resources to actually fund growth. Chances are, you’re looking for any way to free up funds. Well, as it turns out, there’s extra money hidden in your mainframe.


You pay a lot just for using your mainframe every month, but you don’t need to. Thirty percent of the total cost of your mainframe is in the mainframe Monthly License Charges (MLC). These charges aren’t based on your total mainframe usage but on a rolling four-hour peak and, since you’re paying indefinitely, it costs you more than any other part of your mainframe budget--as high as half of the total, from what we hear from customers. With BMC solutions, you can lower the peaks and drive down your MLC by ten to thirty percent - today.

BMC is the only company innovating with new mainframe management solutions - products like BMC Cost Analyzer and BMC Intelligent Capping. These affordable solutions can help you identify exactly what is causing your mainframe processing peaks, identify the impact of moving workloads or tuning applications, and help you dynamically and automatically manage peaks through capping.

As an example, assume that at your peak you’re running 120 Million Service Units (MSUs) of processing. This would mean you are spending approximately $100,000 per month on MLC alone. But using Cost Analyzer, you can identify which processes are driving that peak and then use Intelligent Capping to bring the 120 MSUs down to, say 100, giving you nearly 17 percent savings. Further tuning and moving of applications and workloads could save you another 10 MSUs, down to 90.

That’s a 25 percent savings on your MLC costs, and at around $25,000 each and every month, that's a huge amount that you can put to work on your next critical growth initiative. If you’re interested in saving that kind of money on a monthly basis, contact BMC for more information. Also check out the web page for MLC cost management solutions and be sure to watch this video. Go get that gold!