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Many companies are understandably cautious about mainframe workload capping. Most capping solutions are difficult to use. They tend to be manual facilities that, even if successful, present a serious risk of service interruption. Improper capping and delaying important application requests, like credit card transactions, is never good for business. Fortunately, BMC’s innovative Intelligent Capping solution avoids these traditional issues. It can be very suitable for your business today, particularly if you run a small to medium mainframe environment.


BMC Intelligent Capping is aware of workload importance, which means it won’t slow down your business-critical applications. It also uses patent-pending cost awareness technology, meaning it will focus only on capping those workloads that are actually driving up your mainframe monthly license charges (MLC). Your MLC costs are based on the peak 4-hour rolling average of mainframe usage, and Intelligent Capping helps you to target those applications that increase your peaks. You can even model your savings ahead of time (using BMC's Cost Analyzer), so you know the savings and business impact of your capping plan before you implement it.


Even if you’ve already committed to paying an annual fixed amount for your mainframe MLC and aren’t concerned about reducing your costs, Intelligent Capping can help you manage your workloads to make sure all of your applications run in a cost-effective manner and avoid business service disruptions. And if you’re looking to upgrade or expand your mainframe because your business is growing, Intelligent Capping can help you run more workloads and squeeze more out of your existing mainframe, giving you the ability to defer expensive capacity upgrades and save money.


Whether you’ve been burned by other capping solutions you’ve tried or thought that capping wasn’t right for your business, Intelligent Capping offers you real savings and optimization potential. Read more about Intelligent Capping, or contact your BMC representative to find out how Intelligent Capping can "suit" your business.