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by Robert Blackhall


As a long time IMS customer, you might ask yourself, “Why should I use the new catalog in IMS?  What is the reason for me to invest in the time to learn, implement, and convert my processes to the catalog? This will be a new way of life.”


Two good reasons:

Reason 1: From an IMS development perspective, the IMS Catalog is necessary to enable Java and SQL applications that are coming in from the web and provide access to IMS databases. 

Reason 2: It is much easier to secure talent for writing Java applications. COBOL developers are becoming harder to find.


From an IMS legacy standpoint, IBM says that, in the future, the use of the IMS catalog will be required. Using IMS managed ACBs is the strategic direction for IMS 15 and any subsequent continuous-delivery functionality. If you do not already use the IMS catalog, you’ll need to implement it when you enable IMS management of ACBs.  This is a pretty strong reason to invest time now to acquaint yourself with the features of the catalog and to develop

an understanding of its impact on your IMS community.


The IMS 15 announcement (IBM United States Software Announcement 217-398, dated October 3, 2017) states, “IBM intends to require IMS management of ACBs in the future. IMS and the IMS catalog must be set up to support ACB management. IMS provides a utility for this. After the requirement for IMS-managed ACBs is in place, IBM also intends to remove the generation processes for PSBLIB, DBDLIB, and ACBLIB. At that time, the IMS catalog,

SQL, and DDL become the interface to IMS database management.”


The future may be next year, or 3-5 years from now. The actual time of this change is still uncertain. What is certain is that IBM believes in the catalog and it is a strategic direction.  No need to worry, however, because BMC Software will be here to light the path for you to increase your catalog expertise. We can provide you with comprehensive tools,

education, and our strong support team.


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Robert Blackhall is a Software Architect with 21 years of software development experience at BMC Software. He has been concentrating on the IMS catalog and the Catalog Manager for IMS offering from BMC.