It’s an exciting time to be an IMS customer! IMS 14 is here, and on December 4th, BMC proudly announced new IMS enhancements and support for its IMS solutions portfolio.


In addition to supporting IMS 14, the BMC Database Management Solutions for IMS now offer new enhancements in performance, scalability, usability, and availability. The new BMC Database Solutions for IMS releases provide more online restructure capabilities, additional thresholds in MAXM Database Advisor, zero outage batch image copy, OSAM HALDB 8-gigabyte support, a new BMC Delta repository, a database clone function, and many more new capabilities.

BMC has also consolidated functionality from its NEON solutions to simplify the customer experience. New packaging options are available; for example, the new BMC MainView Extensions for IMS TM supplies additional information to MainView for IMS related to transactions that originate off of the mainframe.

BMC believes in the long-term value that IMS provides, running the world’s banks, transportation services, retailers, and so much more. Be sure to check out the new BMC solutions for IMS.


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