BMC has announced a new add-on package, MainView Extensions for IMS TM, available under the MainView for IMS offering.


This new package contains both BMC Log Analyzer for IMS and BMC Energizer for IMS Connect. This new package supplies additional information to MainView for IMS related to transactions that originate off of the mainframe.


Customers have requested that Energizer for IMS Connect be made available as an optional add-on, and BMC responded. BMC also decided to include Log analyzer for IMS as well, because of its integration with MainView for IMS and the popular benefits it provides.


The package provides visibility for customers who use MainView for IMS with IMS Connect. It provides visibility for calls that originate from a distributed platform and allows proactive monitoring of the environment. In addition, the capability provides the additional benefit of being able to perform diagnostics based on the IMS Log.


BMC MainView Extensions for IMS TM add-on package includes:

  • BMC Energizer for IMS Connect - providing visibility into the specialized area of cross-platform IMS transactions
  • BMC Log Analyzer for IMS - providing the ability to perform detailed analysis on IMS applications from the IMS Log data


Be sure to consider adding this unique capability to your IMS environment and benefit from the additional insight and efficiency.