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IMS™ TM has always been your faithful transaction manager. Does your IMS TM communicate with DB2 databases to complete transactions? Then you know that these two IBM® siblings must sit together on the same LPAR in order to communicate. For years, a technical restriction has existed that requires the DB2 subsystem to reside on the same logical partition (LPAR) as the IMS TM subsystem that receives the requests. Makes sense, or at least it did. Now, however, it means that mainframe shops are maintaining and paying for multiple, duplicate, (and possibly under-utilized) subsystems merely because of this restriction.


My, how times have changed. These two overachieving MLC software powerhouses sing beautifully together – and now they can do it from separate LPARs. Why separate them?


The big reason to separate the siblings involves monthly license charge (MLC) math. You see, there’s a rumor out there that says sub-capacity pricing is equivalent to usage-based pricing. Not true. MLC software is charged by product and aggregated by LPAR – all at the highest peak MSU rate on that LPAR. So, you might be paying a high price for an IMS TM or a DB2 subsystem just so that they can cohabitate on the same LPAR. 


This is all based on how monthly MLC costs are calculated, which is very complex math, but don’t assume you are stuck. By using BMC Subsystem Optimizer, you can now actively manage down your MLC costs by moving and separating subsystems. BMC just announced V2.0, which provides support for IMS TM to DB2 communication on separate LPARs. Cool stuff, and you’ll want to take a look.


The results can be incredible. We’ve seen customers make small moves in subsystem placement that result in 15-30% reductions in MLC. If you’re paying more than 10K per month for MLC, that adds up!


Have a look at BMC Subsystem Optimizer – and comment here with any thoughts you have about this topic. You too, can make these IMS and DB2 siblings sing together from separate locations.


Learn more about BMC MLC-saving solutions and check out the new infographic on how to save on MLC.



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