Your IMS environment is critical to your business—and you’ve probably optimized it the best you can. But these can be troubled times in IMS environments, with batch processes that consume resources and require long windows of processing time—like bandits walking the streets of your Gotham City. Are you fighting the good fight every day? Do you have the resources to protect this arena? Better question: does your team have the time to optimize individual buffer allocations for those IMS jobs? Or, are you interested in getting some help from a familiar friend in a neighboring city?


When it comes to managing IMS batch, has your team been able to fully optimize its impact on your MSU peak? Are the BMP, DL/I, or DBB applications causing you pain by requiring windows that are longer than you would like them to be?

Never fear! A new superhero is in town, and its name is AAI—Application Accelerator for IMS from BMC. If you haven’t heard of AAI yet, you’ll want to learn more about it.



AAI is really innovative—a “set it up and let it do its thing” type of solution. AAI will monitor your IMS batch jobs, recommend jobs to optimize, and automatically take action to reduce CPU usage and elapsed time, ultimately lowering the cost of running your IMS. AAI requires no changes to applications or JCL, and can automatically identify those jobs that need optimizing without your constant oversight. It has a nice graphical user interface and reporting so that your team can track those jobs that are optimized. And—AAI can calculate your savings and report them to you. Sometimes, these savings are as high as 50% (your mileage may vary, of course).


So what’s stopping you? Call your IMS superhero AAI today and ask for an assessment of your batch efficiency. Of course, you can also call your trusty BMC Account Manager, who can arrange for the assessment. Hey—it can never hurt to connect with a superhero, right?