It is scary to think about trying to modify old IMS batch jobs that have been functioning perfectly well for years.  The knowledge about the application may no longer be available, and the risk of creating business disruption is a strong argument for leaving well enough alone.  But, many times old applications use more resources and take more time than they should, driving up costs and extending service levels.  It would be nice to have a fool-proof way to optimize that IMS batch without the risks associated with making internal changes. 

This is the problem BMC experts have solved with the new BMC Application Accelerator for IMS.   BMC Application Accelerator for IMS helps customers lower their IMS costs by reducing CPU utilization and the elapsed time dynamically and automatically.  The product is easily installed and the customer simply has to identify the jobs it wants the solution to monitor and optimize.


The latest update for BMC’s innovative Application Accelerator for IMS is adding the ability to optimize BMP batch, along with DL/I batch that was supported in the initial release.  Application Accelerator automatically and dynamically tunes IMS batch control parameters to reduce CPU consumption and reduce the elapsed time of the batch jobs.  In customer beta testing, Application Accelerator has reduced CPU use by 20% to 50%, and reduced elapsed time by 20% to 80%. 


For more information on BMC Application Accelerator for IMS, check out this video:

Or the BMC Application Accelerator for IMS Datasheet: