BMC Application Accelerator for IMS Dynamically Tunes DL/I batch

BMC Software recently introduced BMC Application Accelerator for IMS, a solution that dynamically tunes DL/I batch applications thereby reducing both the CPU usage and elapsed time of IMS batch jobs.  Rather than requiring traditional manual analysis and tuning, BMC Application Accelerator for IMS automatically monitors DL/I batch jobs during execution.  If it determines that it can improve the performance, on subsequent execution of the analyzed jobs, it dynamically changes job parameters so that the job will run more efficiently and consequently faster.



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One of the beta customers, Daniel Hirschler, the IMS System Programmer for a large German bank, shared some of his observations on the product.  Like many IT Organization with mainframes, Daniel’s bank has an initiative to reduce costs whenever possible.  IMS is also very important to the bank as much of their customer information resides in IMS.


When Mr. Hirschler was asked how the testing went, he replied “It was great.  You let the product run, you let the jobs run, no intervention required ...  just look at the reports and see the CPU savings.”  He also said that the product installation was easy and that using the product was simple because the bank was already using the browser based interface for their BMC IMS solutions.


Dave Hilbe, the Development Director at BMC Software for BMC Application Accelerator for IMS stated that Mr. Hirschler’s experience was exactly what the development team was aiming to achieve.  “While IMS is still mission-critical to many large organizations, they don’t have the people resources or in some cases, the skills to manually tune performance for thousands of IMS batch jobs that run every day.  BMC Application Accelerator for IMS can dynamically tune the IMS batch jobs, saving money [by reducing CPU utilization] and elapsed time."


The BMC Application Accelerator for IMS is immediately available for purchase. For more information, please visit:


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Quick Course: Getting Started with BMC Application Accelerator for IMS (requires a BMC Support login)


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