Compare the number of DBAs today to years past and one can easily say that current staffing is an example of "doing more with less"... a lot more (more data volume, more databases, more transaction volume, higher availability requirements, etc.) with a lot less (smaller DBA teams, shorter outage windows, etc.)  A consequence of the current reality is that there is less time for optimizing performance and resources used, especially when it comes to batch.


For IMS DL/I batch, BMC will soon release a new solution that can tune to jobs automatically.  The product is called BMC Application Accelerator for IMS and is designed to watch and learn how your DL/I batch jobs run and dynamically tune the job without requiring any changes to the JCL or application code.  The product is currently in beta and some of the results have been pretty impressive:

BAAI Graph 2.jpg

In the graph above comparing the baseline vs. optimized results for CPU time and elapsed times of 2 different jobs, we can see that the CPU savings ranged from 17% to 49% and the elapsed time savings ranged from 60% to 94%.  Please note that your results will vary and that in some cases, BMC Application Accelerator for IMS will not provide any improvement in elapsed time or CPU time.  Results will vary based on a number of factors including, DL/I batch job profiles (highest improvements for read-only, sequential access), degree of disorganization of the IMS database and machine workload.  That said, the effort required to achieve the savings were minimal; simply install the product and point it at the jobs to monitor and optimize.  The product will even self report the savings, job by job.


The product will be Generally Available in March so watch the IMS Communities for the announcement.  If you have any questions, feel free to post the question on the blog or you can send me an email.