• Baseline APPTUNE sql performance tables

    In the manual it says: BASELINE_WKLD_STATISTICS   Statement statistics aggregated by nonstatement collection key (plan, program, user, and so on) representing acceptable performance   It still looks li...
    carol goldberg
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  • how do I request the smpe vsam definitions and data for DB2CM V12?

    how do I request the smpe vsam definitions and data for DB2CM V12?
    Ben Strydom
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  • Cat Mgr plugging in logical partition number in create table statement instead of physical partition

    Hi, First time user. Am using Cat Mgr V11.01.00 to generate DDL for a table that is using table controlled partitioning on db2 z/os V10.  The DDL command is plugging in the "logical partition" number in the CRE...
    Carl Castrianni
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  • How to terminate the LOAD utility?

    Hi community members. NGT DB2 load utility V12.01.00 with DB2 V11 abended with code S878 reason 10   U1911. Attempts to RESTART or QUICKEXIT fail with message that INFOPDS is missing. In the load job this ...
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  • DB2 NGT query on parameter +CATCHUP_CYCLES.

    DB2 NGT "Manual says that  CATCHUP_CYCLES is an upper limit of the processing of applying update data. Does it mean LOG APPLY of REORG?  Is this parameter applicable only for NGT REORG and NGT LOAD Resume al...
    Devanand Karunakaran
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  • Do NGT REORG and LOAD utilities support PRIQTY -1 and SECQTY -1?

    Hi community members. We use NGT for Db2 V12.01.  Some of our table spaces and indexes are defined with parameters PRIQTY -1 and SECQTY -1.  Do NGT REORG and LOAD utilities automatically calculate optimal p...
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    Hi community members. I ran REORG utility NGT for DB2 V12.01.00 with parameters REGION=512M, MEMLIMIT=2G. The utility ended OK, however in JESMSGLG this message was produced: IEA705I ERROR DURING FREEMAIN SYS CODE ...
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  • log master SQL output

    Can the logmaster SQL output be longer than 80 bytes, when using migrate.  doc says one line per SQL makes it easier to export to other databases.
    peter livingston
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  • Adding a new index does not create rebinds in worklist

    I have a need to add some new indexes to my database, and the worklist that is generated from Analysis includes the create index, rebuild index and runstats commands, but no rebinds of the affected packages.  Acc...
    mark mcnary
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  • Very basic - How do you migrate a db from one subsystem to another?

    I have created the worklist, analyzed and executed it.  It has stopped after the unload.  How do I get it to start phase 2?  I can find nothing in the documentation on how to get the job to keep running...
    mark mcnary
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  • Have you seen? ... New BMC Web Site - Solutions for DB2

    Have you taken a look at the new BMC web site for DB2 solutions lately? New and improved! Let us know if you're looking for anything in particular, or if you have questions or comments!
    Tom Vogel
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  • Posting to the DB2 community by eMail

    It seems that it is possible to post content to the BMC DB2 Community pages by eMail - this may be simpler for some that any other methods   There are three eMail addresses to use, depending on whether you are p...
    Phil Grainger
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  • DB2 import delimiters

    Hi All,   I'm creating an automatic migration process to replicate some tables from Oracle to DB2 because of the reporting team of my customer needs them to calculate some reports. Unfortunately I found some iss...
    Julian Medina
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