• Does DB2 NGT Unload utility support SYSIBMADM.GET_ARCHIVE

    We would like to use DB2 NGT Unload utility V12.1 for archive enabled tables. Does the utility support global system variable SYSIBMADM.GET_ARCHIVE?
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  • Log Master log processing in DB2 shared environment for objects exclusively in SSID and not shared.

    We are attempting to create REDO SQL for a table.  The DB2 SSID is involved in a shared environment, but is not an object defined to be utilize shared resources (and so is explicit to the Shared SSID, not the gro...
    Vernon Bell
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  • log master SQL output

    Can the logmaster SQL output be longer than 80 bytes, when using migrate.  doc says one line per SQL makes it easier to export to other databases.
    peter livingston
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  • Change Manager, Catalog Manager Log Master v10.1 and DB2 v11

    Is Change manager, Catalog Manager and Log Master v10.1 compatible with DB2 v11?
  • How do we control CPU used by Change Manager for DB2

    Using 5.5 hours of CPU for an analysis running for 6 hours. Is there anything that can be done in CM to reduce that high CPU time?
    Jack Hyde
    created by Jack Hyde
  • BMC database DMRPRDB1 and partitioning

    We started recently loading data in database DMRPRDB1 . Some of these tables are rather big (especiall the DM%DTL) and would take advantage of range partitioning (UTS PBR) . Creating new partitions and dropping old pa...
    Peter Van Paesschen
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    Hello,   my customer has installed the latest versions issued a week ago. How do your users cops with the new products? Do they have the same scope of functions? What is the Migration effort? any hinst and ...
  • BMC recovery wipes out real time stats. why?

    It wasn't doing this until we upgraded to new version of bmc. Any way around it?
    James Gallegos
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  • BMC loadplus format internal i- invalid date

    Hi, I have a question using BMC loadplus and was wondering if anyone has seen this before   I have a file that has been created by my program in BMC format internal (not format bmcload) . this file had an inva...
  • So I was wondering if there was anyone actually using this forum?

    So far the only response I have seen is to move questions to the more appropriate sub-forums, which I appreciate. But I was wondering if there were any SME's or BMC people who monitor these forums and respond to que...
    mark mcnary
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  • How do I generate a worklist to migrate data only?

    I know that I can generate a full-fledged migration worklist and edit it to remove the object creations, leaving the phase 1 unloads and the phase 2 loads and utilities.  What I am looking for is something allude...
    mark mcnary
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  • Adding a new index does not create rebinds in worklist

    I have a need to add some new indexes to my database, and the worklist that is generated from Analysis includes the create index, rebuild index and runstats commands, but no rebinds of the affected packages.  Acc...
    mark mcnary
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  • Very basic - How do you migrate a db from one subsystem to another?

    I have created the worklist, analyzed and executed it.  It has stopped after the unload.  How do I get it to start phase 2?  I can find nothing in the documentation on how to get the job to keep running...
    mark mcnary
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  • Have you seen? ... New BMC Web Site - Solutions for DB2

    Have you taken a look at the new BMC web site for DB2 solutions lately? New and improved! Let us know if you're looking for anything in particular, or if you have questions or comments!
    Tom Vogel
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  • Posting to the DB2 community by eMail

    It seems that it is possible to post content to the BMC DB2 Community pages by eMail - this may be simpler for some that any other methods   There are three eMail addresses to use, depending on whether you are p...
    Phil Grainger
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  • Where might I find the documentation for defining the Mainview DB2 Performance Reporter database?

    Hello, I would like to define the Performance Reporter database in DB2 on z so that I may keep track of DB2 application performance history.   I have found the database, tablespace and table definition members ...
    Robert Plata
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  • DB2 import delimiters

    Hi All,   I'm creating an automatic migration process to replicate some tables from Oracle to DB2 because of the reporting team of my customer needs them to calculate some reports. Unfortunately I found some iss...
    Julian Medina
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  • BMC Workbench webinar for EMEA

    Thanks to those of you who joined Chris Duellmann and I this morning for our webinar on BMC Workbench for DB2   If you haven't heard of Workbench yet, this is our browser based graphical access to DB2 informatio...
    Phil Grainger
    created by Phil Grainger
  • The importance of a policy-based approach to Database Backup & Recovery

    Nowadays, most of the critical business data reside on relational databases; they provide autonomously the necessary services to maintain them consistent and accessible to batch and transactional workloads, but need D...
    Matteo Ferrari
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  • I need to understand how the columns FETCHCT, INSERTCT, DELETECT, UPDATECT and SELECTCT are populated for DAILY_OBJ_STATISTICS

    Can someone please explain this to me!
    Andre Steyn
    created by Andre Steyn