• DASD - what’s reality got to do with it?

    We can divide DB2 DBAs into three categories: those who have come to DB2 later in the life of our favourite mainframe DBMS, those who worked with DB2 back in the heady days of versions 1 and 2, and some who (like me) ...
    Phil Grainger
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  • Recent feature additions to BMC tools for DB2

    I'm pleased to announce another few feature additions to BMC DB2 tools delivered as SPEs in our maintenance stream   The following SPE supports new features in Load Plus for DB2: PTFs BPU6680 and BPU6692 : Int...
    Phil Grainger
    created by Phil Grainger
  • Save Millions on the Mainframe with Subsystem Optimization from BMC

    Now that I am getting back into the rhythm of working after my vacation, I'd like to point you at a recorded webcast recently hosted by BMC, showcasing yet another new product from BMC - Subsystem Optimiser for z/Ente...
    Phil Grainger
    created by Phil Grainger
  • Upcoming DB2 and IMS briefing in Houston

    Just making my travel plans to attend the next z/S DB2 and IMS briefing in Houston on August 12th   This is our opportunity to share with customers what's been going on recently with our database tools, but also...
    Phil Grainger
    created by Phil Grainger
  • Share in Pittsburgh

    Getting ready to head to Pittsburg for the second SHARE of the year   This time I'll be speaking - at 10am on Thursday 7th August. Come and hear how to "Save Real Dollars with SQL Tuning"   The full BMC sp...
    Phil Grainger
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  • Five Levers to Lower MLC Costs

    BMC has just released a new white paper entitled "Five Levers to Lower MLC"   You can get a copy from http://bit.ly/MCO5Levers   Don't forget that if you are paying IBM MLC charges for your z/OS software A...
    Phil Grainger
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  • Speaking at conferences (1)

    It occurred to me the other day that I have become so comfortable speaking at DB2 conferences, I forget that there are many people out there who feel they could never do what I do   Well, do you know what, that ...
    Phil Grainger
    created by Phil Grainger
  • Mining the gold in the BMC repository tables (2)

    In a previous article, we introduced the repositories the BMC products use. In that article we spoke about the most important and used of those repositories: The BMC Common utility tables.   In this new article ...
    Ramon Menendez
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  • Mining the gold in the BMC repository tables (1)

    Every time you install a BMC product for DB2, it creates a set of DB2 tables, usually referred as “repository”. Most of those tables are for internal use, but sometimes the information contained in those t...
    Ramon Menendez
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  • Recovering a Dropped Simple TS in DB2 9 and beyond

    Are you in DB2 9 or beyond and do you still have a bunch of simple Tablespaces? Are you worried about accidentally dropping one of them and not being able to recreate it again?   Of course, the first thing to do...
    Ramon Menendez
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  • Favorite BMC Catalog Manager for DB2 commands: APPLY

    One of my favorite BMC Catalog Manager for DB2 commands is APPLY. The idea behind this command is to Apply a SQL statement model or template to a list of objects. With this command, you can generate and execute ad-hoc...
    Ramon Menendez
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  • Pool Advisor for DB2 - "facts not fiction"

    Pool Advisor for DB2 was the first of many BMC Software advisory products that combines the intelligence to advise with the ability to act. Available since October 2000, Pool Advisor for DB2 provides a variety of DB2 ...
    william moran
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  • BMC Workbench for DB2 on zOS...Some Old Tricks for New Dogs...

    Much has been written the last little while about the aging of the mainframe workforce and the shortage of skills. Pundits and industry analysts are calling for a drastic overhaul and modernization of the environment....
    Michael Cotignola
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  • Best kept secrets of BMC CHANGE MANAGER for DB2: IMPORT

    One of the Best kept secrets of BMC CHANGE MANAGER for DB2 is the IMPORT function.   The idea behind IMPORT is that sometimes is more easy to specify changes with any of those languages than using the product pa...
    Ramon Menendez
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  • BMC’s MODIFY utility – a well kept secret

    As an experienced DBA and long time user of BMC’s DB2 products, you’re probably well versed in the many features and functions of BMC’s utility, COPY PLUS for DB2.  It is the linchpin of your ba...
    Jim Kurtz
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  • PADB – Analyze to your heart’s content!

    You’ve got APPTUNE.  You’ve got SQL Explorer.  You even have the entire SQL Performance solution.  You’re collecting all this data and looking at it regularly, finding long running SQL...
    Sam Antoun
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  • Can IBM's IDAA help your DB2 Warehouse Queries

    Today I am not going to discuss all the gory details about the internal workings of IDAA. But really just what us DB2 Geeks need to know and how we can see if our killer four page, 1 hour elapsed, 15 minute CPU time q...
    Chad Reiber
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  • BMC Greyware:  BMC DB2 Products in Defiance of a Retiring Workforce

    Look around your office.  Look around at your next DB2 users group, or conference. How many of your DB2 peers are under 40, how many are over 40?  My guess is most are over 40, usually way over 40.  My ...
    Todd Mollenhauer
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  • Keeping plan_table definitions current with DB2

    DB2’s plan_table contains some pretty useful information when looking at the access paths of SQL statements.  It seems with each release of DB2 there are more and more access path options open to DB2, makin...
    Raymond Bell
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  • Using utility profiles with BMC CATALOG MANAGER for DB2

    With every new version of DB2 the utilities developed by IBM, BMC or other vendors get enhanced and more complex than before. On one side this is a good thing, because we users and the business services we manage need...
    Peter Plevka
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