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You would think, since we have celebrated more than 55 years of the mainframe and more than 35 years of Db2, things would have gotten stale, outdated and to be blunt, technologically antiquated.  But think again!  The z15 is capable of handling 1 TRILLION secure web transactions per day and Db2 now allows 128TB tablespaces!  For an couple of old-timers that, in 1989, Forbes said were “going the way of the dinosaur.”  Today articles are being written on the re-birth of the mainframe. I’ve been around mainframes since 1985 and I think we on the inside know its not a “re-birth” because it never died!  It’s a continuing evolution of the greatest platform and the greatest database businesses have ever seen.


This evolution is not without challenges though.  As processing speeds grow, your end customers become less patient and want instant access all the time, meaning you have to constantly look for application performance improvements and can’t afford ANY downtime.  With increasing volumes of data, unheard of visibility to that data, growing legislation and regulations, its more important than ever that you can guarantee data integrity and meet shrinking recovery time objectives so your business is as resilient as possible.   In our digital age, recent is the new old, so application changes are attacking our databases with a previously unimaginable velocity and you have to ensure stability and quality while supporting this new agility.


Fortunately, I’m excited to say, BMC Software is announcing the latest evolution in technology for Db2 on z/OS.  The BMC data management solutions for Db2 for z/OS have been enhanced to become part of the BMC Automated Mainframe Intelligence (AMI) portfolio.  The new BMC AMI Data for Db2 help you meet the modern challenges of managing Db2 on z/OS and help you achieve a self-managing, self-healing mainframe.


BMC AMI Command Center for Db2


Technical Highlights:

  • BMC AMI Command Center for Db2 is an intuitive, persona-based experience that enables developers and database administrators to easily perform all the tasks necessary get their job done.  Users can dynamically tune SQL, determine new index needs, manage database changes, ensure recovery requirements are met and more.
  • BMC AMI Recover can now recover a system more than 5X faster meaning a growing environment can more easily meet more restrictive recovery time objectives and ensure compliance.  Additionally, users can easily estimate, simulate and report on recoverability through the intuitive command center screens.
  • BMC AMI Performance for Db2 SQL has been enhanced so that users can monitor and tune applications in real-time by responding to actionable information, while reducing overhead CPU usage by 60-80%!
  • BMC AMI Unload and BMC AMI Load’s, which were already leaders in the industry in performance have gotten even faster!  With improvements in CPU time for AMI Load of over 50% and AMI Unload of up to 90%, users can refresh test data more often and more efficiently drive high quality application development.
  • BMC AMI DevOps for Db2 leverages the market leader in Db2 change automation “BMC AMI Change Manager for Db2” to manage change from the simplest Alter command to complex changes that requiring dropping and creating tables.  BMC AMI DevOps for Db2 manages all steps in the change process including re-binds for seamless automated change management, including the ability to revert incorrect changes.  By leveraging the provided Jenkins Plug-in customers can integrate database change into their modern DevOps tool chain providing integrated CI/CD for both software and databases.
  • And this release introduces BMC AMI DevOps SQL Assurance for Db2 which effectively shifts left quality control of SQL statements to help prevent SQL violating company standards from reaching production. The provided Jenkins Plug-in leverages “BMC AMI SQL Explorer for Db2” to interrogate SQL and evaluate in both its current environment and against target production environments to ensure that SQL coding standards and performance issues are reported and resolved prior to moving to the next step in the route to live process.



These enhancements and the built-in powerful automation are what sets BMC AMI Data for Db2 apart from the industry.  BMC continues to invest in data management and is committed to continuous improvements and advancements to support our customers as they work hard to support theirs.

With the recent acquisition of Compuware, there are even more opportunities for integrations and enhancements ahead.

The future of the mainframe is BMC AMI!  Here’s looking forward to the next 55 years of the mainframe!