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Now that I am getting back into the rhythm of working after my vacation, I'd like to point you at a recorded webcast recently hosted by BMC, showcasing yet another new product from BMC - Subsystem Optimiser for z/Enterprise (aka SubZero)


Learn how you can break free of traditional technical restrictions on subsystem placement which require certain susbsystems to be co-located on the same LPAR


Break the data access barrier across LPARs and redirect workloads for better efficiency-without having to modify applications


Also, look to lower business risk by redirecting workloads when a system fails


Break free of technical restraints on workload consolidation and allocation. Find out how you can optimize subsystem placement to reduce mainframe costs by 20% or more-automatically


Spend less on your mainframe so you can invest in innovation


Let BMC show you the way


This webcast features  David Hilbe, Area Vice President, Research and Development, ZSolutions and Tom Vogel, Lead Solutions Marketing Manager


Register to view this webcast at


After viewing the webcast, I'm sure you'll have questions - feel free to contact me at the usual place, or take a look at the SubZero web page at


Phil Grainger