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Just making my travel plans to attend the next z/S DB2 and IMS briefing in Houston on August 12th


This is our opportunity to share with customers what's been going on recently with our database tools, but also hear from users how those tools are being used


This is something that we do on a regular basis in 1:1 meetings, but the chance to get a group of customers together often brings new ideas into the light


The briefing usually starts with a pleasant dinner on the prior evening - a chance for the briefing attendees to get to know each other, as well as an opportunity for the BMC folks to meet the attendees in a more informal setting


The briefing itself starts bright and early and moves from high level overviews of our strategy before diving into specifics on the different database management product areas


The day ends with transport back to the airport for your flights home


If you'd like more information on the August briefing, then please don't hesitate to contact me or your local BMC account team


Phil Grainger

Lead Product Manager

BMC Software