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Do you want to expose more of your middleware environment to more stakeholders?  Are you concerned about the security or the confidentiality of doing so?  Do you want it to be easy and transparent?  Then BMC Middleware Administration projects are for you!


What are projects?


Projects are high level containers that associate WebSphere MQ queue managers and TIBCO EMS servers with users.  Users can be associated with a project either by user id or by group memberships.  Permissions can then be assigned to users or groups, giving them rights to the queue managers and EMS servers within the project.  Once a queue manager or EMS server is associated with a project, the middleware resources (queues, channels, topics, etc.) can be further filtered for visibility within the project.  Thus, projects allow you to sandbox your middleware environments by exposing only the desired resources to a set of users.


Anatomy of a project


When you push the “Create Project” button you are dropped into the Project Editor.  Start by naming and describing your project.  Then associate WMQ queue manager and EMS server connections with the project and assign filters to them (connections and filters are created separately so they are reusable within other projects):




The QUICKSILVER connection has two filters, MYAPP_Queues and MYAPP_Topics, associated with it in this project.  The MYAPP filters look something like this:




Filters match on the name and type of the resource so that it’s possible to have different filters for different types of resources within projects.


After assigning connections and filters, add any users and groups to the project and assign permissions:




The different permissions allow the following rights:


Inquire -- Allows users to see resource properties only.

Operator -- Allows users to modify existing resources.

Administration -- Allows users to create new resources.

Read -- Allows users to see messages on queues and topics.

Write -- Allows users to modify and put new messages on queues and topics.

Delete -- Allows users to remove messages from queues and topics.


Creating projects is easy and transparent!


What should my projects represent?


Projects represent business applications


As an enterprise, your middleware resources relate to the applications that implement your business.  Therefore, your projects represent your business applications.  Since your business applications have multiple deployments (development, test, production), your projects might further represent the application environment.  For example,  for MYAPP that has been deployed to development, test, and production environments, your projects would be named “MYAPP-DEV”, “MYAPP-TEST”, and “MYAPP-PROD” with the different stakeholders (developers, test, operations) given appropriate permissions for their environment.


Projects represent customers


If you’re a service provider, your middleware resources might be related to your customers.  In this case, you want to have your projects represent and map to middleware resources used by the service provided to that customer.  You might even expose those resources to the customer directly, but with limited access.


Do you use projects in a unique way?  Tell us about it!  We value your feedback!

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