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MainView Middleware Administrator V9.0(MVMA) became available on August 23, 2018.  MVMA, formerly known as TrueSight Middleware Administrator or TSMA, has joined the MainView family with this release.  MVMA provides the central integration to be able to include Distributed Queue manager data with MainView for MQ, providing end to end visibility into your entire MQ environment.  With this rebranding the underlying product is still the same easy-to-use, secure and intuitive tool you use to administer your middleware environment today.  However, don’t be concerned if the name has not been changed in all areas you might see. The changes to using the new name within the product will roll out over time.


Although I say it is the same product, we have in fact delivered more functionality with this V9.0 release.

There were three major themes for the release: Security, Ease of Use and Currency.  New capabilities include:



  • HTTP request header verification
  • Individual authentication
  • Time-based account lockout for the ADMIN_ADMIN security model

Ease of Use

  • Copying / moving messages to another queue manager
  • Support for MQ Cluster Routing in the Dead Letter Replayer


  • MQ Storage Classes for z/OS
  • MQ logging and log status support
  • MongoDB upgrade and using WiredTiger as the storage engine
  • IBM MQ 9.1 Support


To find out how to get information about this release please follow this link.

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