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For sure you all know BMC Customer Support's Knowledge Base. If you ever have entered a search term on the BMC Support Central's home page, you have used it.


However, when looking for a solution to a product problem, entering a too unspecific search term will return a whole lot of results, most of which are referring to products you may not even have heard of by then. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to be unspecific which is due to the huge amount of articles we keep in stock for all of the BMC products.


So in order to narrow down the search results to the product family you are actually interested in, you would start to selectively add and/or remove Product Name filters until the better part of the search results finally becomes relevant.


This can become quite cumbersome, so for your convenience we prepared a couple of BMC Support Search URLs that already contain the relevant product filters.


Pre-filtered for MainView Middleware Monitor (TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Management, TrueSight Middleware Monitor, Q Pasa!, Q Nami!, BMC Middleware Management, BMC Middleware and Transaction Management, BMC Middleware Management - Performance and Availability, BMC Middleware Management - Transaction Monitoring, ...)


Pre-filtered for MainView Middleware Administrator (TrueSight Middleware Administrator, BMC Middleware Administration, BMC Middleware Management - Administration, ...).


Pre-filtered for BMC Middleware Management - Administration for WebSphere MQ (AppWatch - Note: Product out of support!).


Before these links can be used, please make sure you are already logged on to BMC Support Central with the web browser in which the links will launch.



Many of the BMM related Knowledge Articles are available in BMC Communities now, also. Just try your favorite internet search engine with some search terms such as "BMC", "Middleware", "How to" and check out the search results. Finding answer to your questions never was so easy!


Enjoy and (re-)discover the BMC Support Search.


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