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Did you ever want to see how the execution groups are performing within your WebSphere Message Broker without having to go through performance data execution group by execution group? Did you?


Well as it turns out, BMC Middleware Monitoring has the data and in 5 minutes you can add it to your broker view in BMM.

The out-of-the-box view for a message broker provides you with some basic information about the broker. The broker name, status, uuid, and queue manager name are all important pieces of information.


With a few simple, quick edits, you can add a tab with a child summary table showing key performance indicators for the execution groups running on the broker.


At the same time, you can enable the drill down button in front of each execution group in the table to give you a pop-up summary table of KPIs for the message flows deployed to that execution group!


To view the detailed performance metrics, you will still want to use the navigation tree to pull up the views of the various objects but these simple to add summary tables will assist you in zeroing in on a potential problem.


If you would like to know how to do this, comment on this blog or send an email to me ( or contact your friendly neighborhood BMC BMM SC.