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BMC Middleware Management (BMM) Install Checklist



Before installing the BMC Middleware Management solution,
use this handy checklist to make sure you are ready to install.



  • Review and verify all hardware and software
    prerequisites have been satisfied and are supported by BMC.  These are outlined in the BMM install guide.
  • Verify all applicable ports and firewall(s) are
  • Verify IP connectivity between all applicable
    pieces of the BMM solution
  • Verify a BMM userid has proper OS security
  • Verify the BMM database has been created and
  • Verify the BMM database ID/PSWD is known
  • Validate the appropriate database client
    software is installed on the BMM Enterprise Server
  • The ping time from the BMM server to the DB
    server should be less than 5 MS
  • Verify the BMM software is onsite or has been
  • Verify all applicable outstanding BMM fixes have
    been downloaded from the BMC Support site
  • Verify you have a valid BMC support ID
  • Verify you can logon to the BMC support site and
    update your support profile
  • Validate you can see the BMM products on the BMC
    Support website with your BMC Support ID