• Getting a CMF batch report for CPU Utilization per Job / Started Task

    Would anybody know if there's a way to get job / subsystem CPU utilization reports using the batch form of CMF Analyzer on the mainframe. I would like to get CPU stats for each separate job or started task.  Thanks.
    Gregory Evans
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  • Is there a way to dump all PTF's for a date range

    We apply maintenance to our automation suite twice a year using the cumulative releases.  As there is a gap between the freezing of the code and the time we apply it I would like to evaluate what PTF's published ...
    Robert Woodward
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  • Unable to edit the PF KEYS - Getting "PFK MASTER NOT SAVED" Message?

    After editing my Keys in Auto Operations I am entering "SAVE" to keep the settings but I keep getting this "PFK MASTER NOT SAVED" Message in the Upper Right corner of the screen.  Then when I return to MainView A...
    Chris Forzaglia
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  • Dynamic creation of rules?

    Hello. I am new to MainView, which we are converting to from another suite of products. This is my first post on the forum.   My concern is with automation. We are converting from another automation product to M...
    Albert Prete
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  • ZiiP usage of a Job with Db2 Util

    Hello,   we have a job running Db2 utility with ZiiP switched on. Unfortunately neither MVDB2 DUSER nor JINFO shows the ZiiP usage. Views JZIIP* show only STCs using ZiiPs. We would have expected to see the...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • Where is the documentation for the BMC download FTP sites, either EPD or filedownload, for what we need in our firewall?

    I am trying to download z/OS maintenance and I am getting firewall blockages for both epddownload.bmc.com and filedownload.bmc.com when attempting to start a data connection. Typically there is a high port range for t...
    Jerome Vitner
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  • Mainview Console Management for ZEnterprise

    I have recently updated the mvcm software to the newest version and I'm having trouble with seeing the session form the viewer options.  I get the message No active session.  No Message will be displayed unt...
    James Weaver
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  • Has anyone seen an issue with z/OS 2.3 and AutoOperations where AutoOps gets a Not Authorized message?

    After we went to z/OS 2.3 from 2.2 when AO starts it fails with the following messages: +SS2046E  BBI/SS NOT AUTHORIZED         +SS0925E  BBI/SS INITIALIZATION FAIL...
    Chris Forzaglia
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  • CMF interface to ZOSMF sysplex wide performance data, GPMSERVE equivalent

    CMF needs to be able to interface with ZOSMF to display sysplex wide performance data, similar to the RMF GPMSERVE Distributed Data Server. This would be in addition to the already developed LINK TO MVE as explained i...
    mark lee
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  • BiiZ  8.x

    Hello,   Which release of Truesight is supported by BiiZ 8.x?   Thanks Feli
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • How to monitor Jes job class in Mainview?

    Hi everbody, i would like to ask how i can to monitor a field in Mainview on zOS in JSTATZ? The element name for this field is ASREJBCL. I have this field empty. How you can see in attachment. Could you give me adv...
    Jan Zan
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  • Is the APF/Runtime Library a New Requirement in MainView Install

    I'm upgrading my MV Suite of Products and noticed in the Install Jobs that there is a $240APF job.  Is this new Combined Library a requirement?  My prior install had three separate Libraries: BMCLINK UBMCL...
    Chris Forzaglia
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  • Is Mainview TOM a replacement for Mainview CSM? I have done my best to find this in manuals but to no avail.

    I see documentation on conversion from CSM to TOM but I've had other folks talk about TOM "augmenting" CSM. Trying to figure out how the two products fit together if they do at all.
    Kirby Kern
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  • How to list entries of the RTCS Registry?

    Hello   As the RTCS Registry is such an important entity in the Mainview Infrastructure, I would like to know how to display it's content. Once there has been the RTCS List UTILITY /OSZRGLST. But I haven't fou...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • Change CAS-to-CAS Communication from VTAM to TCP/IP

    As the title says, I want to change the VTAM configuration to TCP/IP (CAS are not started sub=mstr). What would be the steps to follow? Can we change just a few to test in case we have several (in particular, we have ...
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  • Maintenace beyond an RSL level

    Hi all.  I'm wondering...  I've just installed all of my Mainview maintenance including RSL1807 (+ 1 fix for something PE'd).  Before I continue my process and create my run time libraries and begin to ...
    Andy Holt
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  • MVAO CSM and compiled Rexx

    Hello,   CSM requires to run compiled rexx. if one doesn't have the Compiler, job BBSAMP(BBREXALT) needs to be run. The Comment in the job states: NOTE: THIS JOB is NOT NECESSARY IF RUNNING Z/OS 1.9 OR LATER ...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • Mainview IMS: db2 waits not assigned to ESS

    By comparing MVIMS traces with related MVDB2 traces we find out that MVIMS (sometimes?) do NOT assign a db2 wait (like lock wait) to ESS category (instead MVIMS put this part of elapse time into APPL). This is true fo...
    Sieghart Seith
    created by Sieghart Seith
  • MainView Libraries in Linklist?

    Does anyone see any benefit to putting the MainView Load Libraries in the Linklist?
    Chris Forzaglia
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  • MVCICS - I/O Calculation of CICS region

    Hi Guys,  My client is a bit alarmed that the EXCP rate from VIEW CREGION has changed dramatically between CICS 4.2 and CICS 5.3. CFILE, CTDQUE, CTIOT and CVOLUME don't show any anomalies. Does CREGION elemen...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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