• Mainview AO dynamic TIME rules?

    I have been digging around and can't find an answer to this question:   Can you create dynamic TIME rules for Mainview AO along the same lines of dynamic TOD rules in CA OPS/MVS.   What I need to do is whe...
    Kirby Kern
    created by Kirby Kern
  • Mainview AO V8.2 - Target-field is empty

    Hello at all,   i have the problem, that the MVAO forget the entry of the targetfield after exit of it. If i start again the MVAO, the TGT-Field is empty.   BMC Software  ---------------- Status/Exce...
    Thomas Reinhard
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  • UIM problem using z/OS RACF SITE Certificate

    I have BMCUIM task working fine with a keyring containing a certificate owned by ID(UIM): <SSL_STORE>                  &...
    Larry Uher
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  • Mainview for Db2; Setting up Monitors

    I’d like to get your thoughts on an issue I have.  Below is a screen print showing one member of a data sharing group. Notice the Active Monitor screen?  Notice all the red?  I’d like to get...
    Tom Glaser
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  • Mainview IMS - with IMS Repository Server

    Hi,   we recently implemented IMS Repository. From this time on, we see in OM Audit Trail that each Mainview IMS in the plex is issueing QRY RM TYPE(REPO)SHOW(ALL) every 15 seconds. The result of the query i...
    Dominik Henn
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  • Switch CICS CMRDETL offline

    I would like to switch all CICS CMRDETL recording at midnight when most regions are down.  Then most regions get a switch when they start early morning.   The only way I know to do this is with FST2 SWITCH ...
    Irwin Poche
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  • How does TOM (Total Object Manager) recognize a Started Task Name

    I have one task that TOM is not recognizing.  Say the Task Name is STCTASK1.  Every time I start monitoring it says it's not up - but it is.  It keeps trying to restart and then fails because it's up.&#...
    Chris Forzaglia
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  • TOSZLINK- Why separate from BBLINK and still needed in STEPLIB (MVCICS/CTG, MVIP)

    Hello, Why is TOSZLINK providing special servies for MVCICS CTG and MVIP whivh can't delivered through BBLINK? Can you please explain why TOSZLINK is needed in the STEPLIB of the PAS when using CTG monitoring with M...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • MVDB2 - PR: DPDSPIN - how many spin datasets are Best Practice?

    Hello MVDB2 Performance Reporter has DPDSPIN Datasets which are docuemnted by this: DPDSPIN DD Defines a spin file to retain SMF statistics records that end a period to resolve intervals on subsequent SMF processin...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • Mainview AutoOperator SYNC command

    Hi,   Recently we implemented the /RESET command for CSM objects. For this purpose, we added a new command rule with text id ‘/RESET’ that calls the CSMACT exec. This command changes the CSM objects...
    Raaji Abraham
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  • Unilateral swap out Reasons

    We use MAINVIEW for z/Os. One fine day our low priority service class was showing 100% unilateral delay . We used the MPLSTAT menu to check our thresholds . We did not reached the threshold . What are the other view...
    Shivang Sharma
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  • Unilateral Swapout

    Jobs show up as unilateral swapped out . On issuing the MPLSTAT command i could see my thresholds are not reached . So what would be the cause for this . On what basis we see address spaces unilateral swapped out
    Shivang Sharma
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  • I can't change the threshold of a Focal Point Resource

    I am seeing this on my FOCAL POINT Screen:                             Status=Inp...
    Chris Forzaglia
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  • CAS address space and alarms

    I'm trying to get my CAS address space to accept my defined alarms... each time the CAS is bounced or an IPL takes place... our alarms get reset to inactive... how do I make that permanent?
    Roberto Ramirez
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  • Getting a CMF batch report for CPU Utilization per Job / Started Task

    Would anybody know if there's a way to get job / subsystem CPU utilization reports using the batch form of CMF Analyzer on the mainframe. I would like to get CPU stats for each separate job or started task.  Thanks.
    Gregory Evans
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  • Is there a way to dump all PTF's for a date range

    We apply maintenance to our automation suite twice a year using the cumulative releases.  As there is a gap between the freezing of the code and the time we apply it I would like to evaluate what PTF's published ...
    Robert Woodward
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  • Unable to edit the PF KEYS - Getting "PFK MASTER NOT SAVED" Message?

    After editing my Keys in Auto Operations I am entering "SAVE" to keep the settings but I keep getting this "PFK MASTER NOT SAVED" Message in the Upper Right corner of the screen.  Then when I return to MainView A...
    Chris Forzaglia
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  • Dynamic creation of rules?

    Hello. I am new to MainView, which we are converting to from another suite of products. This is my first post on the forum.   My concern is with automation. We are converting from another automation product to M...
    Albert Prete
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  • ZiiP usage of a Job with Db2 Util

    Hello,   we have a job running Db2 utility with ZiiP switched on. Unfortunately neither MVDB2 DUSER nor JINFO shows the ZiiP usage. Views JZIIP* show only STCs using ZiiPs. We would have expected to see the...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • Where is the documentation for the BMC download FTP sites, either EPD or filedownload, for what we need in our firewall?

    I am trying to download z/OS maintenance and I am getting firewall blockages for both epddownload.bmc.com and filedownload.bmc.com when attempting to start a data connection. Typically there is a high port range for t...
    Jerome Vitner
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