• Can I Customize Mainview for CICS Screen to Filter out Multiple Tasks that have no common relationship

    Let's say I want to filter out AAAA's and ZZZZ's but not BBBB's and 1234's COMMAND  ===> cust        CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT >...
    Chris Forzaglia
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  • MVDB2 - PR: DPDSPIN - how many spin datasets are Best Practice?

    Hello MVDB2 Performance Reporter has DPDSPIN Datasets which are docuemnted by this: DPDSPIN DD Defines a spin file to retain SMF statistics records that end a period to resolve intervals on subsequent SMF processin...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • HiCould you please let us know the difference between Discovery for data collector and discovery for zOS

    HiCould you please let us know the difference between Discovery for data collector and discovery for zOS
    Pinku K Sahu
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  • MVIMS IMFECP00 ==> IMSIDECP: Problem in View PARMEDT Event Collector

    Hello,   we are using the standard documented inside IMFECF00 which allows to use IMSIDECP and IMSIDSYS. Unfortunately, when viewing the Event Collector we get this: BBMXB614E Error detected in selector during...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • How to adjust a time in a view of a container that shows me the hour in Daylight Saving Time?

    Hello! I have a container of MVCICS in MV Explorer with many views. Some of them are with current time as a daylight saving time. I think that is some option when customizing the view. Does anyone have this issue? ...
    Monica Akinaga
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  • DOES MAINVIEW FOR CICS 6.3 IS SUPPORTED FOR ZOS 2.4 ? Any maintanence to be applied ?

    We have mainview for cics 6.3, we are upgrading to zos 2.4.. do we need to apply any maintanence for compatibility ?
    Balaji Natarajan
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  • NGL NGL.MVI1 version 1040  when in need to change the NGL Registry

    Hello! I just want to share a snippet. Had to change the NGL registry to make it compliant to the naming standards. It is defined in HLQ.&G..&SSID..DBCENV(NLGPIID) by parameter RD. It seem the first time t...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • IMS Deadlocks

    we see in Mainview lots of Deadlocks  concerning DBT-Region always same PSB and the same IMS-DB (six DBT-regions showing the same Database and PSB), but nothing happened. Its a development IMSPLEX with Blockleve...
    Hugo Obert
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  • Mainview RACF Profiles and RACF CLASS JESSPOOL

    Hello ,   As it is technicall possible to display JOBOUTPUT in the PLEXMGR View JOBSTAT, there is a need to secure this. that is the function of these profiles: BBM.PLEXMGR.targetid.MYC20. ownerpre.SP BBM.PL...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • RACF CDT definition ENF for Mainview

    Hello,   the documentation shows only the old MACRO for the Class descriptor table.   Can you please tell me whether Mainview should use SIGNAL Y or N? What is the suggestion for the MAXLENGTH? thanks ...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • Mainview AO dynamic TIME rules?

    I have been digging around and can't find an answer to this question:   Can you create dynamic TIME rules for Mainview AO along the same lines of dynamic TOD rules in CA OPS/MVS.   What I need to do is whe...
    Kirby Kern
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  • Mainview AO V8.2 - Target-field is empty

    Hello at all,   i have the problem, that the MVAO forget the entry of the targetfield after exit of it. If i start again the MVAO, the TGT-Field is empty.   BMC Software  ---------------- Status/Exce...
    Thomas Reinhard
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  • UIM problem using z/OS RACF SITE Certificate

    I have BMCUIM task working fine with a keyring containing a certificate owned by ID(UIM): <SSL_STORE>                  &...
    Larry Uher
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  • Mainview for Db2; Setting up Monitors

    I’d like to get your thoughts on an issue I have.  Below is a screen print showing one member of a data sharing group. Notice the Active Monitor screen?  Notice all the red?  I’d like to get...
    Tom Glaser
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  • Mainview IMS - with IMS Repository Server

    Hi,   we recently implemented IMS Repository. From this time on, we see in OM Audit Trail that each Mainview IMS in the plex is issueing QRY RM TYPE(REPO)SHOW(ALL) every 15 seconds. The result of the query i...
    Dominik Henn
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  • Switch CICS CMRDETL offline

    I would like to switch all CICS CMRDETL recording at midnight when most regions are down.  Then most regions get a switch when they start early morning.   The only way I know to do this is with FST2 SWITCH ...
    Irwin Poche
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  • How does TOM (Total Object Manager) recognize a Started Task Name

    I have one task that TOM is not recognizing.  Say the Task Name is STCTASK1.  Every time I start monitoring it says it's not up - but it is.  It keeps trying to restart and then fails because it's up.&#...
    Chris Forzaglia
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  • TOSZLINK- Why separate from BBLINK and still needed in STEPLIB (MVCICS/CTG, MVIP)

    Hello, Why is TOSZLINK providing special servies for MVCICS CTG and MVIP whivh can't delivered through BBLINK? Can you please explain why TOSZLINK is needed in the STEPLIB of the PAS when using CTG monitoring with M...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • Mainview AutoOperator SYNC command

    Hi,   Recently we implemented the /RESET command for CSM objects. For this purpose, we added a new command rule with text id ‘/RESET’ that calls the CSMACT exec. This command changes the CSM objects...
    Raaji Abraham
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  • Unilateral swap out Reasons

    We use MAINVIEW for z/Os. One fine day our low priority service class was showing 100% unilateral delay . We used the MPLSTAT menu to check our thresholds . We did not reached the threshold . What are the other view...
    Shivang Sharma
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