• DSASSTDB encounters an error when trying to initialize it

    I created the LLQ DSASSTDB by running batch job $904ALC1 successfully.  Run the next job which does the init $906ALC2 I get the following message.  I found several message containing the error message SVO505...
    Felix Valdes
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  • MVIMS IMFECP00 ==> IMSIDECP: Problem in View PARMEDT Event Collector

    Hello,   we are using the standard documented inside IMFECF00 which allows to use IMSIDECP and IMSIDSYS. Unfortunately, when viewing the Event Collector we get this: BBMXB614E Error detected in selector during...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • How to adjust a time in a view of a container that shows me the hour in Daylight Saving Time?

    Hello! I have a container of MVCICS in MV Explorer with many views. Some of them are with current time as a daylight saving time. I think that is some option when customizing the view. Does anyone have this issue? ...
    Monica Akinaga
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  • Mainview AO V8.2 - Target-field is empty

    Hello at all,   i have the problem, that the MVAO forget the entry of the targetfield after exit of it. If i start again the MVAO, the TGT-Field is empty.   BMC Software  ---------------- Status/Exce...
    Thomas Reinhard
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  • UIM problem using z/OS RACF SITE Certificate

    I have BMCUIM task working fine with a keyring containing a certificate owned by ID(UIM): <SSL_STORE>                  &...
    Larry Uher
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  • Unilateral swap out Reasons

    We use MAINVIEW for z/Os. One fine day our low priority service class was showing 100% unilateral delay . We used the MPLSTAT menu to check our thresholds . We did not reached the threshold . What are the other view...
    Shivang Sharma
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  • ZiiP usage of a Job with Db2 Util

    Hello,   we have a job running Db2 utility with ZiiP switched on. Unfortunately neither MVDB2 DUSER nor JINFO shows the ZiiP usage. Views JZIIP* show only STCs using ZiiPs. We would have expected to see the...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • Why does MainView Explorer encounter the message "BBWIC052E MVE TCP/IP server failed with reason=UIMEnviron_Create"?

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: MainView Infrastructure APPLIES TO: MainView Infrastruc...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Change CAS-to-CAS Communication from VTAM to TCP/IP

    As the title says, I want to change the VTAM configuration to TCP/IP (CAS are not started sub=mstr). What would be the steps to follow? Can we change just a few to test in case we have several (in particular, we have ...
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  • Mainview IMS: db2 waits not assigned to ESS

    By comparing MVIMS traces with related MVDB2 traces we find out that MVIMS (sometimes?) do NOT assign a db2 wait (like lock wait) to ESS category (instead MVIMS put this part of elapse time into APPL). This is true fo...
    Sieghart Seith
    created by Sieghart Seith
  • Mainview History Quick selection - Query

    I have been using mainview for CICS.   For a problem, I need to browse History and under that Quick selection.  In the panel, I have given date, time frame and all tasks which are abended.   I am ...
    Mohammad Rababah
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