• Transposing data from a BMC Mainview View

    I am wanting to take a view example below and transpose the data to make it loadable into a DB2 table. Coumns would be Request , inserts found in Cache etc. Is there a way to do this within Mainview , I am not opposed...
    carol goldberg
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  • MVDB2 - PR: DPDSPIN - how many spin datasets are Best Practice?

    Hello MVDB2 Performance Reporter has DPDSPIN Datasets which are docuemnted by this: DPDSPIN DD Defines a spin file to retain SMF statistics records that end a period to resolve intervals on subsequent SMF processin...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • TOSZLINK- Why separate from BBLINK and still needed in STEPLIB (MVCICS/CTG, MVIP)

    Hello, Why is TOSZLINK providing special servies for MVCICS CTG and MVIP whivh can't delivered through BBLINK? Can you please explain why TOSZLINK is needed in the STEPLIB of the PAS when using CTG monitoring with M...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • Unilateral swap out Reasons

    We use MAINVIEW for z/Os. One fine day our low priority service class was showing 100% unilateral delay . We used the MPLSTAT menu to check our thresholds . We did not reached the threshold . What are the other view...
    Shivang Sharma
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  • ZiiP usage of a Job with Db2 Util

    Hello,   we have a job running Db2 utility with ZiiP switched on. Unfortunately neither MVDB2 DUSER nor JINFO shows the ZiiP usage. Views JZIIP* show only STCs using ZiiPs. We would have expected to see the...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • How to list entries of the RTCS Registry?

    Hello   As the RTCS Registry is such an important entity in the Mainview Infrastructure, I would like to know how to display it's content. Once there has been the RTCS List UTILITY /OSZRGLST. But I haven't fou...
    Feli Brachthaeuser
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  • MainView for IMS Management Focus on Features – CSV Format Reporting

    What if you could put your MainView IMS batch reports into a CSV file for easy manipulation and publication? Your wish has been granted. MainView for IMS™ Management 6.2.01 lets you put your  batch reports ...
    Susan Rice
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