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MainView Console Management NEW 1 step rule generation wizard writing a rule to escalate important messages and automating the shutdown/IPL process is simple.  As you know automating the IPL process is one of the more difficult and most important tasks because of the manual intervention required to perform an IPL process.


With the 3.3 release of MainView Console Management, writing an IPL rule is dramatically easier.  Instead of creating a rule from scratch using IBM’s proprietary language and typing in key elements (which consume time and are prone to error), the rule writer will simply launch a form and copy/past elements of a message into the form. Just fill in the blanks by, for example, defining the trigger (a specific job ID), choosing an action (send an email) and appropriate details (email address), and – voila! - You’re off and running. The form has created the bulk of the rule. Save, compile, and apply.  Done.


As you can see creating a rule has never been easier.  It’s just like checking your favorite team scores. You open a browser, enter your teams name or title what you’re naming your rule followed by some quick and easy mouse clicks, and voila! – You have your teams’ scores or in our situation you just generated an automation rule. 


To see rules generation wizard in action watch our video.

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What's the biggest innovation in computer GUI's in the last generation?  My money says, the web browser is the best innovation. From checking one’s bank balance, to following a favorite sports team, to placing a bid on an item on eBay, the web browser is both easy-to-use and universal.  Anyone who's used a desktop or notebook knows how to use a browser.


MainView Console Management allows you to view everything you need in one spot – fast, fluid, and relevant to the task at hand. Users can now launch and administer the product from any place, anywhere and anytime. No flipping from one application to the next. This means NO client software has to be installed, making MainView Console Management imminently portable.   A machine running Windows® operating system can be instantly used to monitor, manage and automate zOS consoles enterprise-wide, as long as there is path to the MVCM server. No worries, it’s safe, as the user is always authenticated and all traffic encrypted.


To check out our reimagined user interface see our video.

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