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1 Post authored by: Bronna Shapiro
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Are you ready for IBM® MQ 9.0.0?



Coming soon we will deliver version 5.3.00 of BMC MainView for MQ. It provides day one support for IBM® MQ 9.0.00.


BMC MainView for MQ (formerly BMC MainView for WebSphere ® MQ) also provides:

  • Capped Expiry (CAPEPRY) option- limits the expiry time of any message put to a queue or topic. Numerous views display the Capped Expiry value and let you change the value dynamically.
  • Use of MQ filters for queue views - helps improve the performance of views by limiting the amount of data that the MVS queue manager returns. Inclusion and exclusion filters are also provided to further limit the displayed data
  • Support for increased active logs - IBM MQ 9.0.00 has increased the ring of active logs from a maximum of 31 to maximum of 310 in order to allow it to capture longer peak rate activity and increase the availability of the queue manager in failure scenarios.


Learn about a complete, digital business-ready, central management solution of IBM® MQ resources.


Are you planning to upgrade to V9?   If so – would you like to comment on the top benefits you expect?

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