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1 Post authored by: Brenda Hooper
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Martin Beasley wrote a great post on installation and customization of Threshold Advisor, new in MainView Infrastructure 6.1.00.


When you select MainView Infrastructure 6.1.00 for download from Electronic Product Download (EPD), the list of items to download should include two Microsoft Windows zip files for parts of Threshold Advisor that run on a Windows platform.





Even if you don't plan to utilize Threshold Advisor right away, we recommend downloading all of its components. So what if the Windows components don't appear in the list?  If you have never needed to download files for an application that runs on a Windows platform, your EPD profile might not indicate to include them.  Here's how to fix that.



  • Open the Profiles tab on the EPD site.



New Picture (55).jpg


  • Scroll down to Profile Filter Preferences and check the box next to Microsoft Windows/NT.

New Picture (57).jpg


The Windows zip files should now appear in the list for download of MainView Infrastructure 6.1.00.  If questions or problems arise, open an issue with BMC Customer Support at, or via email to


In the United States and Canada you can reach BMC Customer Support by telephone at 800 537 1813. Outside of the United States or Canada, contact your local BMC office or agent.

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