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Pool Advisor for Db2 is available as a stand-alone product or is entitled as part of the MainView for Db2 Management Solution and has some impressive capabilities around storage management, pool management, and advisors to help tune and maintain resource usage within acceptable levels.


Pool Advisor for Db2 provides the ability to balance the needs of the system and the needs of Db2 to optimize memory usage for the best performance of your database environment.  This powerful solution provides:


  • Expert assistance in the form of a buffer pool, EDM pool, dynamic caching, sort pool, RID pools, and group buffer pool use. 
  • Recommendations about storage resource allocations, object configuration, and some Db2 parameter settings. 
  • Real-time management of some of these resources to improve performance and throughput, automatically if permitted


The Advisors will cause an alert in Pool Advisor complete with recommendations on how to fix the problems.  Recommended actions can be taken from pool advisor through the Command Interface or in the Db2 environment for recommendations such as changes to zParms. There is also a Configuration Advisor that will analyze the performance data and produce the JCL necessary to change the configuration for optimal performance helping to guarantee the best configuration across multiple workloads.


This introduction helps set the stage for the importance of the latest updates to Pool Advisor for Db2.


In December of 2019 there was an enhancement that added reporting capability for data sharing groups across all the different supported pool types.  More information about this enhancement can be found here.


The latest update available on July 16, 2020 will allow the messages associated with an Alert to be written to the console.  This way when there is a performance problem automation can be used to notify the correct individuals and possibly open tickets about the issue.  This is important to make sure resource shortages or other related issues can be fixed much faster even when someone is not looking at the screen.


For more information on how to get this enhancement please see the Technical Bulletin located here.


MainView for Db2 Management removes the guesswork from performance tuning, enabling you to configure your Db2 mainframe environment for optimal z/OS system performance addressing system tuning, monitoring, and automation to deliver higher reliability and efficiency across your Db2 environment. The tools in this solution will help you find and correct Db2 system exceptions, quickly pinpoint and resolve bottlenecks, and access real-time and historical data for guided analysis and recommendations. 

Pool Advisor for Db2 provides a fast, accurate means of monitoring DB2 storage resources to help you identify and resolve problems as they occur. Pool Advisor enables you to monitor the performance of DB2 activities in real time and to display data about the performance of the system in a readable, usable format.  For more information about MainView for Db2 and Pool Advisor for Db2, visit the website