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MainView for MQ (MVMQ) 5.5 released July 16, 2020 and adds new functionality to make it easier to manage your MQ Environment.  Here are some of the highlights in this release.


Improved support for distributed queue managers with centralized viewing of events and support for longer MQ client connection names provides the requested visibility to distributed queue managers.


Queue Manager Light (QML), the new lightweight version of the queue manager view, provides high performance with a subset of the QM view data. You can use this view as a fast, starting point for finding information about specific queue manager activities.


Page set data display feature is now enhanced to include additional usage statistics to help you identify page set storage shortages, usages vs capacity, message slowdowns and buffer pool management.


Shared Message Data Set (SMDS) data feature now includes information about Message data set usage and buffer data to make it easier to identify issues when shared message queues are used.


To address audit concerns, you now have visibility into who is taking critical actions against MQ QMgrs with the Addition of user ID in log message BBSX705I.


A new parameter will help you to reduce the current memory consumption of the MV-MQS PAS and limit memory consumption to a computable and predictable size.


To see more information about this release please review the Release Notes.


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