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MainView for JAVA Environments V3.2 became available on July 16, 2020 and in this new release many functions that were delivered in the maintenance stream are now in the base and we added more capabilities.


One of the largest enhancements delivered in the maintenance stream was support for z/OS Connect EE providing monitoring for your API’s as you modernize your mainframe with more common interfaces to off-platform applications.


Also in the latest release,  multiple connections to IBM Health Center and the ability to monitor CPU by thread. Find the information about these enhancements here.  

Other new items include:

  • Ability to gather data via the JMX API for Liberty profiles
  • Simplification around customization of the product
  • Visibility into the IP address and port associated with a business service running in a JVM to help isolate problems faster. 


As more and more customers are starting to use JAVA in Db2,  we have made navigation between MainView for JAVA Environments and MainView for DB2 more intuitive to get you closer to the problem faster.


The highlighted new function in this release is the ability to monitor the availability of specified JVMs through the creation of a watchlist including the ability to separate the type of monitoring done for JVMs with the same name.  This is typical in traditional WAS environments where cloning occurs.  Generic entries can be created and if there is a specific version of the JVM,  you can specify the port to have deeper monitoring on that specific JVM.  You will be able to identify which JVMs are being watched from the JVM Discovery view where there is a column “W” which will indicate if a JVM is being watched.


For more information about the release follow this link.


MainView for Java Environments provides a comprehensive solution for managing Java running on the mainframe, including auto-discovery of JVMs and extensive data on JVM performance, memory usage, and thread activity.  Although no other MainView monitors are required for implementing MVJE, existing MainView users will also see all the MainView unique benefits of centralized architecture, smart alarms and alerts, guided navigation for root cause identification, and analysis.  For more information about MVJE, visit the website.