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I am delighted to announce the latest releases of MainView for IP 3.7 and MainView for Networks Solution 6.3.02 became available on July 16, 2020.


New in MainView for IP 3.7 and available in MainView for Networks:


Take advantage of the latest updates in z/OS Communication Server and the z15 immediately.   Support was provided via PTF, available Day 1 and it is part of MainView for IP 3.7 including support for the OSA 7S card.  


Many new features were delivered in the maintenance stream which will be made available in the base of MainView for IP 3.7.  These include support for zERT which is being enhanced in the new release so that you no longer have to choose between detail or summary records, simplification around the Packet Trace with easier navigation, dynamic allocation of the trace datasets, and authorization of writing the trace to a personal dataset. You now have maps for our history files so you can use the extraction utility to get  the history data for use in other tools.


Look for many new enhancements in the release as well starting with identifying connection security types so you can easily get notified if there are connection that are not following your company security protocols.


Offering a simplified way to define connections and other resources that need to be monitored for availability, the use of Wild Cards will provide a simplified approach to group items that need to be highly available.


New Network Topology view provides a graphical view to identify where in your network problems are arising and at a glance identify areas of the network that may be impacted by a problem.


New in MainView for Networks 6.3.02:


New in the maintenance stream and now in the MainView for Networks base the Intelligent Trace Analyzer.  This solution now provides the ability to start and stop Packet traces based on alarms built with your business needs in mind and analyze the trace without leaving MainView.  This solution can help early in career Network Analysts or even new to the mainframe network specialists become productive faster than ever before.


Read the release notes for more details.


MainView for Networks centralizes and unifies IP administration while saving time and improving network reliability. It’s easy to implement and use this management and automation solution for IP, SNA, and VTAM automation. Exclusive technology can pace TCP/IP traffic, so that critical jobs are prioritized and completed on time.