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I am delighted to announce the latest releases of MainView for IMS 5.4 and MainView for IMS Management Solution 6.3.02 became available on July 16,2020.  These offerings provided support for IBM IMS 15.2 and CICS TS 5.6.


New in MainView for IMS 5.4 and available in MainView for IMS Management:


In this release, we concentrated on providing more information associated with IMS Connect. These distributed transactions can make your workload more unpredictable then ever and if there is an outage of the interface you need to be notified immediately if possible.  These capabilities provide tighter integration with BMC Energizer for IMS Connect so that you can proactively see the status, easily identify the datastores and the port statistics for these important integration points, and set alarms based on this information.


With this release, the history records are mapped so this concludes the support for the extract and transformation utility capabilities.  For more information on this utility please see this blog.


A big change is moving away from non-standard to standard interfaces. We are adopting the usage of the standard DC Monitor dynamic exit. This simplifies and standardizes this part of our interface with IMS.


Since we Support CICS TS transactions that use IMS as the database as part of this support we have added the CICS Service class to the FA/F9 records.


MainView for IMS Management 6.3.02 includes all the above listed features, plus the following enhancement that makes it far easier to manage your IMS environment:


Recon datasets (DBRC) are very important to the recoverability of IMS.  These datasets can become unavailable or start having issues without warning leading to more severe outages.  With the addition of this support, you can set alarms on the status of the datasets, identify if I/O errors are occurring, and any of the other metrics associated with the RECONs.


This will allow the IMS DBAs to be able to bring up a view to identify the last image copy or if one is needed, if there are any EEQEs and be proactively notified, and as you move to HALDBs identify if they are recoverable.  Best of all when there is an issue with the Recon’s you don’t have to find your JCL you can just look in MainView and get a Realtime update about any important database.


To read more detail about the releases see the release notes for:


MainView for IMS Management

MainView for IMS Offline

MainView for IMS Online

MainView for DBCTL


MainView for IMS Management lets you manage all aspects of IMS and DBCTL to meet the scale and complexity of digital business from a single view and control.  It provides extensive performance, real-time, and historical statistics in summarized and detailed views. In addition, it delivers IMS workload management, instant degradation detection, immediate exception determination, and rapid problem resolution with integrated automation. MainView for IMS Management uses less resources than other solutions, so you can utilize its full benefits without fear of impacting your MLC costs.