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I am delighted to let you know that MainView for CICS 7.1 is now available.


This new release of MainView for CICS includes support for CICS TS 5.6 with the following notable additions:

  • New views to show the trace table associated with each running task when CICS tracing is active
  • Additional Task Performance Data added to Views including:
    • Fields associated with the time associated with authentication
    • Fields associated with time spent waiting due to MVS short on storage
  • New CICS Statistics Data


A requirement to provide the ability to have more than 2 CMRDETL files has been fulfilled with this release.  You can now have up to 10 CMRDETL files for recording.   MainView for CICS will allocate the files for you based on a prefix you can specify in the administrative menus.  You can specify the number of files you wish, and they will be allocated using the prefix plus a suffix of Dnn sequentially from D01 and ending at the number you specified.  You can create your own files as long that they follow the required naming standard, or it can be created for you.  This capability will allow you to allocate more files if you are switching files at a rapid rate or even to allocate smaller files so you can keep data available online at a more granular level such as shifts.


We continue to improve the usability of the CHISTORY navigation.   With enhancements to choose the direction, the records are read to provide information about the data that is present in the view such as Oldest and Newest Records read and available (for single target context only).  Start/End date and time and MAX Records/Exclude can be modified without going back to CHISTORY so you can easily modify them if another query is necessary.


Program Timing has added the elapsed time spent in each program in a task when activated with expanded data on in the CMRSOPT.  If you use this feature you will be able to identify potential problems with transactions that are running long.  This is also a feature that might be able to identify if a weekend change could be causing a problem if you keep the CMRDETL data.


Those of you that run CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG) we have not forgotten about you.  We have added the EIBTRNID to the Task and CHIST views so you can see the transaction id associated with the task in those views if one was specified via the CTG request. 


The release will also incorporate other functions that were delivered in the maintenance stream into the base product.  These functions like Partner Resource monitoring and health check containers were discussed in this blog.


As you can see this release of MainView for CICS has a lot of great capabilities. You can find out more detail in the release notes located here.


MainView for CICS (MVCICS) and MainView for CICS Management provides a comprehensive solution for managing your IBM CICS TS environment. It is a cost-effective, intelligent, and integrated CICS management solution that enables you to tune, manage, and automatically take actions before disruptive and highly complex digital business workloads impede the smooth flow of business.  It is part of an integrated family of monitors with easy guided navigation to follow a transaction for CICS to other subsystems such as MQ, DB2 and IMS.  For more information about MainView for CICS Management, visit the website