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In the BMC MainView organization, we continually strive to innovate and come out with the best feature functions and usability enhancements so we can deliver greater value to our customers. With that in mind we have created two new customer validation programs. One is the MainView Continuous Beta Program and the other is the MainView User Experience Improvement Program.


Now all we need is for you to come and join us!


The MainView Continuous Beta program is one stop shopping for all MainView products. With many features and functions coming out through the maintenance stream, we would like to have a community of individuals that we can talk through designs and make functions, features and releases available early if you need the capabilities or are willing to do some beta testing.


The MainView User Experience Improvement program concentrates on the changes to the way customers use and experience the MainView family of products. This program will contain information about our Modernization projects, where you could provide input from the very beginning before code is even written, ensuring we build a solution that will help you and your future systems programmers be more productive.


Although these programs require beta agreements to be signed, you do not have to download the code if you do not wish to. You can simply provide input during the review process to make the MainView products better.


If you are interested in joining either or both of these communities please email me at and we will send you the steps needed to join. We look forward to having your valuable input as we continue to help our customers better run and reinvent their businesses!


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