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BMC AMI Console Management 4.0 became available on February 27th, 2020.

I am excited to announce the release of BMC AMI Console Management version 4.0 with a newly designed and reimagined User Experience.  BMC AMI Console Management was formerly known as MainView Console Management, and we are glad to bring this product into our Automated Mainframe Intelligence (AMI) portfolio of products with this release.

The Console viewer has been redesigned from the ground up to be more intuitive and to make it easier for operators to perform their tasks.  With a focus on getting your staff up to speed quickly, activities such as filtering and searching for messages are improved, as are the product dashboards. The dashboards now provide more information and are more interactive allowing your team to easily view alerts and current status in a single pane of glass. A true browser experience, there are no client dependencies. BMC AMI Console Management is also updated to work on smaller form factors such as tablets, letting your staff provide support from anywhere and encourage collaboration across remote teams.

Another powerful new function is the addition of a REST API.  This API will allow you to extract data from the Console Management solution for use in other tools or user programs.  The API also allows you to remotely drive automation actions within the BMC AMI Console Management product, providing flexibility to your staff.


To see more information about this release please review the Release Notes.

As part of our MainView Automation suite, learn more about how BMC provides a complete, digital business-ready solution for central management of IBM® z/OS.