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Have you ever wished that you could just add a job step to your workload to start an IFCID trace for a batch Db2 workload? Sometimes wishes do come true!  With the latest updates that became available on January 9, MainView for Db2 has provided the capability to start and stop a trace from a batch job.


As part of the MainView strategy to make it easier and faster to get the diagnostic data you need, we have added the ability to start an IFCID trace from a batch job instead of having to set up a trace online. This ensures that you are tracing the correct workload instead of watching a trace sit in pending status hoping you chose the correct workload.  Before starting a workload, simply add a job step identifying the IFCIDs that are desired as well as the data source. The trace will start when the workload starts, probably in the next step of the job.  You can also specify an interval for the duration of the trace and/or add a step after the workload to stop the trace to ensure you’ve covered the full workload without wasting resources.  There is nothing like being assured you will be tracing the correct workload when needed!


For more information on how to get this enhancement please see the Technical Bulletin located here.


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