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In BMC Software’s spirit of continuous improvement, I am pleased to announce an update to the Loop Check and Max Check features within MainView for z/OS.  This feature was first announced as a small program enhancement and incorporated into the base product in release 6.1 of MainView for z/OS (the original announcement can be found by following this link).  Since then, we have identified criteria that will help reduce the potential for false positive alerts and added filters to the product.


With this enhancement you can now add the following new criteria to your Loop Check:

  • Minimum and maximum triggers for CPU usage and delay percentage
  • Number of observations for a trigger to occur
  • Include or exclude program names from checking


We have also added functionality like including and excluding of Job step or program name to the Max Check feature.  With the ability to be more granular with the Loop Check profile definitions, we hope to reduce the amount of candidate jobs that show up as potential loops to only those jobs experiencing a looping problem.


Internally we have also increased the amount of history we can compare for validation from a low of 4 1-minute intervals to a high of 25 1-minute intervals.  This added flexibility will allow you to set the number of intervals you wish to compare, so you can increase or decrease the number of buckets used in the comparison to help identify and rectify loops that might be longer in duration.


For more information on how to get this enhancement please see the Technical Bulletin located here.


MainView for z/OS is part of the MainView Monitoring solution which provides a single view and control of your z/OS and z/OS UNIX environments, taking the guesswork out of optimizing mainframe performance. This intuitive solution delivers real-time and historical data to help you reduce mainframe costs while servicing both new digital business and traditional workloads. It enables you to tune, manage, and automatically take actions before disruptive and highly complex digital business workloads impede the smooth flow of business.  For more information about MainView Monitoring, visit the website.