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BMC is happy to announce the Common Rest API (CRA) which became available on September 27,2019.  This new function which is available to MainView allows you to interface with Realtime data from programs outside of MainView.


Many customers had requested a standard HTTPS interface into the MainView Realtime data and now you can issue the following commands to view and retrieve the data:

  • Services – Get a list of available Services
  • Logon – Logon the MainView User
  • GetView – Retrieves View information
  • GetData – Retrieves Data from a View
  • Close – Close a Data Session
  • Logoff – Logoff the MainView User


As you can see this first release, on our journey to a more open ecosystem, provides the data you have been requesting in a JSON format so that it can easily be ingested by 3rd party tools or reports.  Adding MainView data into Splunk, Ironstream, and others ensure you can manage your mainframe as part of the entire enterprise.


For more detail about how to get the API please see the Technical Bulletin located  here.


To find out more about how the MainView Systems Management Solutions can help mange your mainframe more efficiently please follow this link to read about out solutions.