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I am delighted to let you know that updates for MainView for z/OS®, BMC CMF MONITOR, MainView for UNIX® System Services, and MainView SYSPROG Services 6.2 as well as MainView Monitoring 6.3.01 are now available. 


This new release of the above family of products includes many features requested by our customers. This update is also a level set of all the continuous delivery PTFs that have been made available since the last release in June of 2017, this includes support for z/OS® 2.3, the z14 and additional capabilities added to RMF™ via the maintenance stream.  We supported the new technology and capabilities using the maintenance stream so that you could easily adopt this technology without issues with MainView.  By providing this level set it will simplify moving forward with the next release of z/OS as it becomes available.


CMF Monitor and MainView for z/OS have improved the short-term history and trending information available online to you.  The following areas have been added and are available in Single System Image views:


  • Capacity group activity over time
  • Central electronics complex (CEC) and capacity group usage over time
  • Information about multiple intervals for capacity groups and CECs
  • MSU utilization, interval MSU per hour, and defined capacity of LPARs
  • Percentage of active and available frames for the system, the system unreferenced interval count (UIC), and paging rates
  • All delay reasons for intervals


There were additional views and elements to support this enhancement, the full list is available in the release notes available in the below links.


We know how important the amount of resource used by your monitors is to you and to continue our journey of providing the most efficient solutions, we have reduced the amount of ECSA that the CMF Monitor uses when running the Continuous Performance Monitoring (CPM) and Intermittent Performance Monitoring (IPM) modes. 


There were changes made at the MainView family level as well, like improving post install customization and product level administration through adding the EZADMIN capability. This new set of views allows the updating of important administration tasks like parameters and security via a simple user interface instead of having to run through the Installer.  We continue to bring you a familiar look and feel across all MainView products with intuitive navigation across these four specific products from the EZADMIN Menu.


Finally, last month we wrote about  the Data Extraction and Transformation utilities made available through MainView Infrastructure.  We are excited to announce that the MainView for z/OS, CMF Monitor and MainView for Unix System Service maps are now available for use.  The maps are in the BBMAP DDDEF.


For more details on what’s new for each product please follow the links below:

MainView for z/OS


MainView SYSPROG Services

MainView for Unix System Services

MainView Monitoring Solution


MainView for z/OS, CMF MONITOR, MainView for Unix System Services, MainView SYSPROG Services, are part of the MainView Monitoring solution which provides a single view and control of your z/OS and z/OS UNIX environments, taking the guesswork out of optimizing mainframe performance. This intuitive solution delivers real-time and historical data to help you reduce mainframe costs while servicing both new digital business and traditional workloads. It enables you to tune, manage, and automatically take actions before disruptive and highly complex digital business workloads impede the smooth flow of business.  It is part of an integrated family of monitors with easy guided navigation to follow workloads to subsystems such as MQ, DB2®, CICS® and IMS™. For more information about MainView Monitoring, visit the website.