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You likely have set standards for your IP connections they must use a secure encrypted connection.  But, if a problem occurs during a secure handshake trying to establish a secure connection it is very difficult and complex to debug.  Right now, you probably run a packet trace and then offload this trace dataset to an off-platform tool, or you post process the trace before you can begin analysis of the issue, wasting valuable time. Now, with a new Trace Analyzer function in MainView for Networks, you can view the in-depth analysis directly in MainView and get to problem resolution faster.


The Trace Analyzer function will provide the in-depth analysis of the hand shaking that it takes to create a secure connection without leaving MainView.  With your Trace Analyzer function, you can view the details about the data exchange immediately and get information about ciphers, session identities, protocol versions and certificates in near real-time.  Potential errors are highlighted so you can easily find network issues. This means your early in career employees can debug problems quickly and it also reduces the need to transfer trace datasets to an off-platform tool.


As part of this enhancement we have removed the necessity to pre-allocate trace datasets from the base MainView for IP product.  We will now dynamically allocate your trace datasets via a profile which can be changed to match your naming conventions and trace type needs such as SNIFF, WRITE, or RAW.  This reduces the chance that you run out of space and lose data because the trace was bigger than you allocated, or you forgot to allocate the proper type of trace dataset for your needs.


For more information on how to get this capability see the technical bulletin.


MainView for Networks centralizes and unifies IP administration while saving time and improving network reliability. You have total visibility and control over your mainframe network resources to quickly and proactively resolve problems before they can impact your digital business. It’s easy to implement and use this management and automation solution for IP, SNA, and VTAM automation. With exclusive technology, you can pace TCP/IP traffic so that critical jobs are prioritized and completed on time and ensure optimal system availability.