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Updated: Clarification that we support z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition


Is IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition part of your mainframe modernization project?  Are you wondering how you can understand if it is running and using resource efficiently? Are you getting good response times from your APIs?  MainView for JAVA Environments is the answer.  We are happy to announce support for IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition with our latest Small Programming Enhancement (SPE).


We have always supported the Liberty Server that is the core of IBM z/OS Connect to give standard information about CPU, Heap, Garbage collection and thread data being used by z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition.  Now, we have added information about the APIs and Services being used by z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition including response time data by API, Service and URI.


With this enhancement you will be able to auto discover the APIs and Services being used.  You can identify the usage and manage these services and APIs, such as Start/Stop APIs and understand if they are running slower than the average response time. This will allow you to find and fix problems using intelligent alarms providing higher availability and better response times for your business-critical applications.


For more information about this enhancement follow this link.


MainView for Java Environments provides a comprehensive solution for managing Java running on the mainframe, including auto discovery of JVMs and extensive data on JVM performance, memory usage and thread activity.  Although no other MainView monitors are required for implementing MVJE, existing MainView users will also see all the MainView unique benefits of centralized architecture, smart alarms and alerts, guided navigation for root cause identification, and analysis.  For more information about MVJE, visit the website.