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MainView for JAVA Environments V3.1 is starting to deliver function via the BMC Continuous Delivery model so that more functionality can be made available at a faster pace.  In the latest Small Programming Enhancement (SPE) two functions were delivered on April 4, 2019.  They were the ability to have multiple connections to IBM Health Center and displaying CPU usage by Thread.

  • Multiple connections to IBM Health Center provides easier and less disruptive integration:

As the second phase of our IBM Health Center support, the product can now be connected to multiple Health Center Agents without terminating the IBM Health Center Connection.  This makes using the integration with IBM Health Center easier and less disruptive. We provide the same view data as before for each IBM Health Center Connection:

          • JVM properties information for Health Center ports
          • System properties information
          • Environmental properties information
          • Class loading information for the Health Center ports defined to a target
          • Detailed garbage-collection data
          • Summary class-histogram data
          • Object-allocation data


  • CPU Usage by Thread provides early notification of workloads potentially using too much CPU:

We have received many requests to provide data associated with CPU Usage by Thread with the ability to identify the workload in a JVM that may be using too much resource.  You will have the ability to set thresholds triggering notifications if a Thread seems to be using too much CPU, providing the ability to intervene before the workload causes delays or other system or application issues.


For more information about the release follow this link.


MainView for Java Environments provides a comprehensive solution for managing Java running on the mainframe, including auto discovery of JVMs and extensive data on JVM performance, memory usage and thread activity.  Although no other MainView monitors are required for implementing MVJE, existing MainView users will also see all the MainView unique benefits of centralized architecture, smart alarms and alerts, guided navigation for root cause identification, and analysis.  For more information about MVJE, visit the website.